Biggles Sweeps the Desert by Captain W. E. Johns
Ballet by Arnold Haskell
Memories of a Catholic Girlhood by Mary McCarthy
Good Work Secret Seven by Enid Blyton
The Microbe Man by Eleanor Doorly
Four Favourite Stories from Doctor Snuggles by Jeffrey O'Kelly
150 Baking Recipes by Uncredited
Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers
Tree Fruit Growing by Raymond Bush
The Mary Deare by Hammond Innes
Look at You by David Langdon
Ack-Ack by General Sir Frederick Pile
Kent, Sussex & Surrey by S.E. Winbolt
Read Better, Read Faster by Manya and Eric De Leeuw
Silver Poets of the 16th Century by Gerald Bullett (ed)
Aidan and the Strollers by Frederick Grice
Woman's Weekly Library: No Promises by Kate Whitcomb
The Malacia Tapestry by Brian Aldiss
The Seasons by John Kershaw
Two Vagabonds in Serbia and Montenegro by Jan & Cora Gordon
The Naked Hill by Gert Ledig
Wild Horse by Glenn Balch