We're still open!

I hope you are all managing to stay well and keep busy in these trying times. I don't know about you but it is a tough choice between wanting to stay connected to everyone, and wanting to shield myself a bit from all the bad news I see everytime I pick up my phone. 


I suppose one up side is that I'm finding a bit more time for reading now that we can't go anywhere, and I am very lucky in that I have a whole house full of books to choose from. For those of you who don't have piles and piles of them in every corner of the house, we are still open as long as the post keeps running - and even better, we now offer free second class UK postage on all orders :) So have a look and see if there is anything on the site that you think might be a good distraction from all the doom and gloom. We also have a lot of lovely childrens' books to keep the littles distracted :)

I've had one or two issues in getting new books to upload lately, but will be working hard over the next few weeks to get more stock up on the website, so do keep checking back!

Stay safe x


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