New Website!

Hello hello!

We're super excited to be writing this post on our brand new website! Woo hoo! We've been busy working away on it behind the scenes for a while now, and whilst we don't yet have all our stock listed, it is a good start. We've tried to make the site as clean and as user friendly as possible, so hope you enjoy using it!

If you are on Instagram there is the opportunity to get some amazing discounts on all our books! You can earn a voucher code for up to 30%, simply by following our feed and tagging your Instagram friends. Find us @frogflamingo!

In addition, if you sign up to our newsletter, we will keep you posted on more great stock, offers, discounts and giveaways, so don't miss out!

Stay posted for more of the blog in future, which will be up and running in earnest very soon!


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