Bookshop News June 2020

I noticed this morning that I am now on my 88th day streak learning Spanish on Duolingo. I started it sometime around the beginning of the lockdown, which means we've all been cooped up for at least 88 days now. Wow.

Despite the challenges of home schooling, bored children, and changeable weather, The Frog and Flamingo toils on, bringing you great books to keep you reading and learning in these troubled times. I am working hard on my next load of books to be uploaded to the website - hopefully there will be some fresh stock up over the next week.

Last weekend we woke up at 3am to find that our mains water connection had failed and all of our downstairs was under an inch or so of water. I'm massively grateful that we woke up when we did, and that my in-built tidiness meant that none of my books were on the floor and they were all saved. I did have to spend a long while decanting them all from the shelves so that we could rip up the sodden carpet, and then another long while putting them all back. But it did give me an opportunity for a bit of a sort out, as well as a bit of exercise, so every cloud has a silver lining as they say.

In other news, I have just come to the end of a HUGE roll of bubble wrap, which has given me the opportunity to start to have a think about how to make our packaging more sustainable and environment friendly. I've just purchased a new roll of biodegradable bubble wrap which is a start, and although we still have quite a lot of standard mailing bags to use up, it gives me a chance to try and source some alternatives. Watch this space....

Also, after a bit of a pause, we're back up on Instagram, so be sure to follow us @frogflamingo on there for some great book pics and stories. Possibly even a giveaway or two as well??

Hasta luego,


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